Our People and Experience


Gulf Translations makes Quality its top priority. Accordingly, Gulf Translations has developed a team of several highly qualified professional translators and a small group of project managers and customer-facing staff.

At Gulf Translations, we do believe that quality assurance starts with the selection of the right language expert. Our translators are university-educated language professionals, with many years of hands on experience, who are selected through careful screening and testing. They are tested to ensure that they have the required subject matter expertise and linguistic knowledge in their stated specialization.

Our translators are native speakers of the target language and subject matter experts in their chosen fields of specialization. Besides, many of our translators are certified and accredited by various regional and national translator organizations. That means they have passed standardized exams, testing their linguistic competence.

Finally, most of our translators are located in the target markets for which the translation is destined, a key advantage since these experts are constantly immersed in the target language and fully up-to-date on terminology developments in the destination region.





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