Our Quality Assurance Process


Gulf Translations ensures Quality Translation and Localization services by having "The Right Team of Specialized Translation Professionals" and applying "The Right Quality Management Process".

All Gulf Translations' translators are native professionals who hold advanced translation degrees and have professional work experience in their subject areas.

To provide reliable and accurate translation quality, Gulf Translations has developed a robust, multi-level system of translation quality assurance and quality management for translation projects. We use a four-part system of quality checks and balances:

Translation Project Management system that assures that all of client requirements are adhered to and ensures fast response to last-minute requests or unforeseen document changes.   Utilizing state of the art translation technology for translation recycling, content management, document management, and reporting;   Workflow that ensures a system of cross-checks, where every translation is examined by at least 3 linguists;  

Selection of the translation team members with the right qualifications for the project;


Gulf Translations' Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 certified. However, it is simply not enough. We continue to innovate, to strive for excellence, evolving every day to take advantage of all that the emerging technologies have to offer, streamlining our processes, and meeting our clients' needs in the most effective manner possible.


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