Legal Translation


Legal translation is one of the main translation sectors Gulf Translations specializes in. We have very long, extensive and unmatched experience in legal translation. Our clients include international law firms, corporate legal departments and Ministries of Justice to whom we provide expert legal translations delivered by specialist translators.

Legal translation is a specialised discipline. The translation must be clear, accurate, precise, and consistent. A phrase with a specific legal meaning must be translated the same way throughout a document – and throughout the revisions of that document or in subsequent documents. The stakes are high. We understand that an apparently minor mistake can have very serious consequences. Only specialist translators understand the context and terminology of legal communications. That’s why our team includes experienced lawyers and legal experts – most of whom have many years of experience in law firms or the legal departments of major companies. We also build glossaries specific to each client using advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) software. This means not only that certain words or phrases will always be translated consistently within each document and from one project to the next, but also it enables us offer our clients more cost efficient services.

In order to meet the often tight deadlines demanded by the industry, we regularly assemble teams of legal translators and proofreaders who work together closely to get a tight deadline job done so quickly without compromising quality or violating our clients' confidentiality.

Our range of expertise includes:

  Affidavits   Antitrust Litigation   Arbitration translation
 Articles of Association  Banking Litigation  Birth, marriage and death certificates
  Commercial Litigation   Company by-laws   Complex Litigation
  Confidentiality Agreements   Construction Law   Consumer Class Actions
  Contracts and Agreements   Corporate Litigation   Court and Witness transcripts
  Depositions   Export Controls   Financial Legal Services
  Government and Legal ruling reports   Government Contracts   Immigration and nationality documents
  Insurance and Insurance claims   Intellectual Property Litigation   Internal & Government Investigations
  International Arbitration   International Arbitration   International Trade Litigation
  Labor & Employment   Legal Certifications and Statements   Legal Correspondence
  Legal Disclaimers   Letters of Credit   License Agreements
  Licenses translation   Litigation   Maritime Law
  Medical Malpractice   Mergers & Acquisitions   Patent and Trademark filings
  Personal Injury   Product Liability   Real Estate Litigation
  Registration documents translation   Regulations and Laws   Securities & Enforcement
  Tax   Technical Documents to support litigation efforts   Terms and Conditions


Besides, Gulf Translations provides certified and notarized translations of all legal documents, including, but not limited to, contracts, power of attorney, marriage, birth and academic certificates. 

Should you need translation from English & other languages into Arabic & other languages for Emirates (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Iraq, Libya and other countries, for Legal, Law, Court, certified and notarized documents, please contact Gulf Translations and enjoy very professional native high quality language services.


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