Software Localization


Our software localization service guarantees the successful release of your products in all global markets. We localize using industry-leading technologies, experienced software, localization resources and industry best practice to ensure the successful translation and delivery of your project into any location.

We guarantee successful software localization through seven main principles:

  Planning and Risk Management  

  Full Localization of comprehensive resources and assets  
  Bespoke solutions provided for all our clients  
  Integrated and innovative technology to support and streamline processes  
  Precise allocation of skills and resources to each and every project  
  Transparent and frequent communication between all teams involved   
  Testing and verifying the end result of every stage of the localization process  


Our Software Localization Tools include:

- Oracle

- Apache

- Trados Workbench


- Déjà Vu

- Poedit

- Catalyst

- And much more

- Microsoft Office suite

- Adobe FrameMaker

- Adobe Illustrator

- Adobe InDesign

- Adobe Photoshop

- Macromedia Fireworks

- Locostudio

- Quark Xpress

- Paint Shop Pro

- Macromedia Flash

- Macromedia Dreamweaver

- Adobe GoLive

- Microsoft Help Workshop

- Across

- Passolo

- SQL server

We support a wide range of file types and formts.

Our dedicated resources will manage the entire lifecycle of your project, providing you with regular updates so that you can be confident your translation is in safe hands.

Clients around the globe come to us for software translation and localization services from English and a number of languages into Arabic and a number of other languages for Middle East, Asian and African countries such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Iraq, Libya and other countries.


  For more details about our Translation and Localization Tools and Software, please click the icons below.